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Daily CC Wrangling: p2

Savio hair. The bestest. Now to sort through and find these lovelies….

And friend Tum Tum @ Mybluebook:

There, that’ll do.

Total hair file size in package form?

437 megabytes

I only posted my collages once I had the formula down. The collages helped me identify the original hairs since they are unlabeled in CAS.

Daily CC Wrangling

What am I doing today do you ask?

I’m trimming my hair. Trimming it down to the hairs I must have. My ‘Bigpacks’ of re-packaged (with S3PE) hair were huge: 380mb….. per artist! So that wasn’t going to work. Instead I’m loading up a ‘bigpack’ then taking screens of the hairs I like, gallerizing it, then handpicking the keepers from the original downloads.

Today’s gripe?

Hair designers like Anubis360 don’t have an index of all their hairs. A labeled index with package names and small pics would be divine. Unfortunately the Hair Wiki isn’t at all up to date which makes it generally a big waste of time unless you get lucky.

Here’s my mini-gallery of hair from Anubis360 and Cazy:

I used a collage-maker to grab all the resized and cropped shots and assemble into a collage. That saves time. Stupidly though it doesn’t allow you to caption the photos automagically with the photo name or date or anything. WTF?

I also played with a microsoft collage maker and came up with this (close your eyes those afraid of a little nudity):

Now onto Newsea. I refound 90 percent of Anubis’, but am missing a few…durr

But checkout how the MS collager adapts to focus on faces:

If I’d just closed the hair bin it would’ve worked perfectly. It actually selected the faces in the bin thumbnails as well as the ‘big sim’ face, which is why it looks odd…but interesting.

Rose: How I loathe thee… but your hairs are nice. No, I don’t hate Rose, just the site, and the pay content. Anyways, here’s a hair collage of ones I might keep:

And Savio… probably my favorite because he fixes everyone else’s so-so hair and makes them awesome…. see next post.

Welcome to Crashlabs!

Welcome to Crashlabs, where I’ll be talking and whining about crashing and fixing this nefarious problem. I wouldn’t ordinarily post this sort of thing, but in the off chance it helps someone else, I think it might be worth it.

So, please read this as ‘personal game notes’ that are publicly viewable rather than any sort of ‘guide’ or useful and polished piece of wisdom. They say wisdom comes from experience, and experience comes from mistakes. That is what this is about!

Crash Log Analyzer: I’m still crashin’!

Great tool.

Resolved some memory and patching issues (editing the executables), but now am crying in my beer regarding a CC crash that comes and goes.

Thought I had this handled and restarted a new neighborhood, but alas, its still there.

Going through my sim-binned families and removing any vestiges of custom hair / custom skin, and hey wow, on the family “Salt” I had a CTD. This may be a good thing. If I can replicate the crash I’ll get rid of that family. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out which sim is doing the crashing though, so I can recreate the family for the bin.

Umph, another crash zooming to 16 sims…

Lemme explain the Bin:

Sim Bin Immigration is Fun

In a regular un-modded game sims immigrate into a neighborhood quite randomly. I’ve read that there is some chance that sim-bin sims move in by chance, but (shrug) why take chances when you can do things so much better?

The ‘Sim Bin’ is the list of families you see in Edit Town that are available for placing in your town directly. There are a few EA ones that are easily hidden (but aren’t deletable for some stupid reason).

Anyways, using Nraas Industries’ Story Progression mod, you can control the genetic inheritance and variability of your town immigrants, and the genetic pool is a combination of your Sim Bin and random chance. You decide how much randomness you want and then start the game off with an empty town. You can rapidly immigrate sims or allow them to slowly trickle into town.

So, what I’ve done is collected all my sims and slowly and patiently built 8-sim households with CC-free versions of these sims. I say ‘slowly’ because it turns out I have 170 custom sims. Thats 22 8-sim households, each of which I had to patch together in CAS and then save to the bin. It was fun actually.

Wait, so you want me to walk you through custom immigration? Just head over to Nraas Industries yourself where I’ve discussed this with others a bit. Its all pretty straightforward anyways.

One quick note though: You can have SP (Story Progression) name these new sims with their parents names. IE: “Sally Salt-Smith”, where Salt and Smith are mother and father, from your Sim Bin, or randomly created, depending on how you have your genetic mix settings. This helps in keeping track of new sims because you may well be familiar with many of your Sim Bin sims. It adds some history and a sense of continuity between games which is pretty nifty.